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Life in today’s world is much beyond satisfaction of basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. In order to live comfortably and maintain a standard of living, one needs to have a regular source of income. By doing a job you can achieve the same. However, the pay scale varies depending on the profession and one’s skill sets.

A job or an employment gives you a fixed income that helps meet the cost of living including cost of housing, food, clothing and medical expenses. A stable job allows you to save money for retirement and plan your vacation. A career or a vocation offers benefits to the society or communities at large besides individuals, who have made a career in a particular field. When an individual builds a career by getting specialized and trained in different academic practices, he develops specific skill sets and level of knowledge that would be beneficial to the community or society at large. An individual who begins his career with a small role eventually progresses in his career to assume more serious, responsible and bigger roles that impact the society and community at large.

Job problems and Vastu Dosh

Did you know that the reason for your job problems could be due to Vastu defects? Over the years it has been observed that the root cause of various job related problems were the Vastu defects existing at home. Every house has a segment known as "Financial place" or "Career Place". It is affected by the positive and negative energies in your surroundings. When your house is surrounded by negative energies, it will create obstacles in your job. Therefore, your house should have a positive surrounding e.g. if the main door of your house faces one of your four bad directions, it would adversely impact your job.

How Saral Jobs Vastu Solution can help you?

Saral Jobs Vastu Solution seeks to help job-seekers in their career development and find suitable job opportunities with the help of Unique Scientific Concepts based on the principles of Nature. If you have not been able to find a suitable job despite repetitive efforts and attempts, do not worry! We at Saral Jobs Vastu Solution will help you resolve this problem in a matter of just 7-180 days. Our Vastu experts will visit your house and draw a floor plan to identify the Vastu defects prevalent in your home and accordingly provide relevant remedies and suggestions to fix the problems. They will suggest ‘best career directions’ that assures you with a positive result in your job search.

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