Career Growth

A qualified professional, may be working in a particular industry for several years but his career graph may not have witnessed a considerable rise. He may be going through a phase of stagnancy despite performing well in his job. There could be hurdles and obstacles despite no obvious follies on his part. Moreover, despite numerous job opportunities in the industry, he is not able to capitalize on them. Even the existing work profile may not be offering him the scope for growth or promotion in terms of position and increase in pay scale.

Challenges at your current job

Despite you working hard and performing well in your current job, you may not get the appreciation for it. Even after working for the long term with an organization and performing well, you may not get the desired hike or be given the much deserved promotion. The employees who work together in a team, share a special bond among themselves to work towards common organizational goals and put in their best. However, due to interpersonal issues with fellow colleagues/seniors, you may be undergoing mental or emotional stress at your workplace which may further impact your performance.

How Vastu Dosh affects your Career growth

There are two significant factors that can impact an individual’s career. If there is a problem in the Career Direction or Career Place, then you are likely to encounter hurdles in your career.

I. Career Direction

The main direction of your house should be in one of the four good direction of the person as per his/her Date of Birth. If it is in any of the four bad directions then the person may face career problems. When a person is facing a bad direction, he/she will not be able to give 100% while performing in an interview or working in the office. The person may not be able to think creatively nor will be efficient in work.

II. Career Place

The "Financial Place" (Laxmi Sthan) or "Career Place" should not be outside the house. The ideal structure of the house should be square or rectangle. If the center of the house has toilets, bathroom, heavy beam, staircase, etc. then it will also negatively affect your Career. If the career place has any clutters or unwanted things then it can cause difficulties in your career. If career direction is outside the structure of the house then it can also cause problems in your career.

How Saral Jobs Vastu Solution can help in Career Growth?

Saral Jobs Vastu Solution looks into the root causes of job related problems. It links Vastu of your house and workplace to the pace of growth and development in your career. By following corrective measures suggested by Saral Jobs Vastu Solutions, your career prospects would improve giving you ample scope and opportunities for career growth and development. Saral Jobs Vastu Solutions can help you establish healthy workplace relationships through the use of Vastu principles. Our Vastu experts will visit your house and draw a floor plan to identify the Vastu defects prevalent in your home and accordingly provide relevant remedies and suggestions to fix the problems. They will suggest 'best career directions' and useful Vastu advice that assures a positive growth in your career.

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