Chakra Science

Chakra science deals with the cumulative effect of the directional and structural choices you make and the resultant flow of energies in your surroundings. When directional, structural and energy-related factors are in sync, the chakras get activated. Human body has existence of seven chakras. Each chakra is associated with a particular part of the body and hence is responsible for its normal functioning and processes. The chakra that is related to your career is the “Vishudh Chakra” or the throat chakra that is the fifth chakra in your body. This chakra can be awakened by sleeping in your career direction or any of the four good directions as per your date of birth mentioned in Direction Science.

When the chakras do not respond in the right manner, you get into a non-resourceful state and become non-productive in all your endeavours. However if the chakras work in the right order and get activated, you automatically get enlightened and your body gets energised with positive and harmonious energy. You enter into a resourceful state accordingly and make yourself more inclined to receiving the best opportunities in your career. When you follow the sciences of direction, structure and energy, all Chakras get energized, thus improving your overall well-being.

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