Direction Science

The scientific study identifies and considers the directions that matter to your career with respect to your date of birth. The unique approach links the sciences of direction to the fulfilment of your career aspirations. It proposes that the prospect of getting a suitable job opportunity depends on the directional choices you make at home and workplace.

You are connected to the eight directions based on the day you are born. Out of those eight directions, four of them help you to connect with the universal energy to attain your most resourceful state and realize your wishes. The first good direction out of those four directions concerns your career and profession. If the main entrance of the house is not in your career direction the prospects of getting job opportunities or witnessing growth in your career in terms of hike in salary or promotions may get hampered. The main entrance of the house is like the mouth to the body and if its placement is not in one of the four good directions then your home will not be able to receive the positive vibrations and energy to nourish your career. So, Saral Jobs Vastu Solution helps you make the right directional choices and remedies that could give a fillip to your career.

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